xQc to Buy Valorant Team: Rise of Creator-Backed Esports Companies

There has been an increase in the number of content creators sponsoring esports teams, and xQc, a former Overwatch contender now a Twitch sensation, has been dropping hints that he has already purchased a Valorant couple.

The era of creators running their own esports companies has just begun, but already a select few of them are making news thanks to their investments in a variety of different esports games. As a direct result of Moist Esports’ success across various esports titles, other producers have taken notice and begun investing in the esports industry.

The following person in line may be xQc, one of the broadcasters on Twitch with the most viewers and one of the highest salaries. As a result of his popularity on Twitch, xQc has a great deal of potential to expand the scene. According to the chat logs of xQc, he plans to begin with Valorant.

A professional Valorant team, according to xQc

It has taken a long time to pick up a Valorant team finally. Once Disguised Toast’s squad began destroying the opposition, he hinted that he would get involved in the game by saying he was looking to buy a team that could defeat Toast’s lineup.

He has expressed his interest in joining a Valorant team multiple times in the past few months. This led to a recent on-stream conversation on how he came dangerously close to being a victim of fraud when attempting to acquire a unit in Valorant.

Today, xQc has said that he plans to buy a Valorant squad in addition to teams competing in Rocket League, the League of Legends French League, and the League of Legends European League (LFL). In addition, according to xQc, forming teams in this manner is more lucrative than attempting to find an organization from the ground up.

There needs to be a consensus on what to call xQc’s Valorant team and, as a consequence, his company. Nonetheless, a corporation or organization that its creator control has great potential for achievement. By examining companies like PRIME Hydration, launched by content creators, it’s easy to see the potential for businesses backed by creators, in addition to Moist Esports mentioned earlier.

We’ll have to wait and see if xQc fully commits to esports. The former Overwatch star, though, has the potential to become a household figure in esports once more if what he claimed in these chat conversations materializes. This time, as an owner.

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