Starfield Release Date Postponed Once Again, Now Set for Late 2023

Bethesda Softworks has once again postponed the release of Starfield, an incredibly massive video game about traveling through space. Nevertheless, this time there is a definite release date that fans can look forward to anticipating, even though it is a few months later than what was initially expected.

Many people are still holding out hope that Starfield will reach its promise of launching in the first half of 2023, despite the fact that it is one of the most anticipated games from both Microsoft and Bethesda for 2023. Nevertheless, only a little has been heard about Starfield in several months. That is no longer the case since it was just disclosed that the release of Starfield would be postponed once more.

In an effort to mitigate the adverse effects of that piece of information, Bethesda has, at long last, provided a release window for the game. Having a precise release date makes the debut of the game feel much more tangible, despite the fact that there is always the possibility that the game will be postponed again.

A late 2023 launch for Starfield’s game has been confirmed

It has been established that Starfield will be made available for purchase on September 6, 2023, due to the Official Launch Date Announcement posted on Bethesda’s Twitter page.

This is the second time the game’s release has been pushed back, the first time being from November 11, 2022, to the beginning of 2023. Now that we have this information, we know it will arrive in the second half.

Despite the fact that this is incredibly aggravating, there are some fans who have expressed their gratitude to Bethesda for deciding to extend the wait. Everyone will expect a more polished game, and after leakers stated that a June release of Starfield would mean the game is a broken disaster, this could leave the game in a far better shape than it would have been otherwise.

Fans may expect a Starfield Direct presentation on June 11 instead of the game being released at the beginning of 2023. This presentation will grant more gameplay, visuals, and an explanation as to why the game has been delayed yet again. Fans can look forward to this.

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