Sniper Bug in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 Disconnects Players from Game

A player playing Call of Duty: Warzone 2 has reported stumbling across a strange bug that causes them to be kicked out of the game if they attempt to snipe opponents from a distance. The issue occurs when the player tries to shoot enemies from a greater distance.

Sniper-focused builds are frequently ranked among the most popular load-outs among players in the battle royale game mode that is so popular in the Call of Duty series. As a direct result of this, suggestions regarding the best load-outs for snipers are brought up in conversation rather frequently among members of the community.

Unfortunately, there are times when the power lurking behind carefully thought-out rifle settings can not offer an advantage on the battlefield owing to hitches in gaming. These hitches can occur for a number of reasons. It would appear that a specific bug has been the cause of quite a few challenges for one Warzone sniper who just can’t seem to get a break from the action.

Sniping causes a bug in Warzone 2 that disconnects players from the game

After posting a video on Reddit that demonstrated the second installment of the Warzone series randomly crashing in the middle of a battle, the user Kenja Time said on the website, “I know the creators dislike snipers, but this is a touch overboard.” Before Warzone 2 unexpectedly closes in on them, the player can be seen in the video employing a sniper rifle at two different times. Both times, the user visited a notification that said “DEV ERROR 11588” next to the fault they had encountered.

Users of the Warzone sequel who play on consoles have reported experiencing the same issue, despite the fact that the video you can see above depicts a disconnection happening in the game’s PC version. 

One of the participants in the Reddit discussion provided a link to a SoCaLove feed broadcast a few days ago. In the stream, the game of the content creator disconnected right after they attempted to snipe an opponent. While the player was waiting for the main menu to load, the streamer commented, “It’s one hundred percent a sniper glitch.”

It is not known at this time what causes the problem in Warzone 2 or how widespread it has gotten. In addition to the “broken” KV Broadside, this represents another glitch that players will want devs to address as soon as possible.

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