Smash Ultimate Player ‘ZD’ Banned After Throwing Controller at Audience During Tournament

Following a toxic incident on broadcast in which the player appeared to throw his controller at a group of people in the audience, the player was banned from playing Smash Ultimate. Smash Ultimate player ‘ZD’ took his defeat to the extreme when he took out his frustration on an innocent controller following a loss at Smashtag. No one enjoys a sore loser, but this player took his defeat to the extreme by doing so.

ZD stood up in a rage before the final stock was even officially taken during the Grand Finals bracket reset that he was playing against SquidPlumber. The Fox player had been grabbed and hurled off the stage during ZD’s match against SquidPlumber. The player snapped out of it and hurled his controller before turning and walking away in disdain. The action infuriated the local scene, and shortly thereafter, he was barred from participating.

A member has been kicked off the team for throwing the controller

Frame Trap tournaments disclosed the information regarding ZD’s exclusion from all events in a post on Reddit that included a screengrab of a proclamation made on Reddit. They stated, “Player safety is our number one priority, and we work hard to make sure everyone involved feels welcome and at ease.” At our activities, there will be zero tolerance for any displays of physical rage or bullying.

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Users expressed their relief that measures had been taken to address the issue after noting in the comments that this wasn’t the first time something similar had occurred. Someone said, “It’s f**ked that it took him throwing sh*t at people to get banned even temporarily, with all the non-physical abuse he’s given people (especially recently), but at least he’s getting actual repercussions now,” and this was in response to the statement that “it’s f**ked that it took him throwing sh*t at people to get banned even temporarily.” Twitter alleged that ZD threw the controller “directly into the audience.”

In recent times, a player’s account has been suspended on more than one occasion, including the current one. Following an incident earlier this year in which he struck a Mario competitor in the face, Oro was kicked out of the competition. In an even more extreme case, another individual was barred after police detained him on suspicion of homicide for the alleged beheading of his mother.

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