Teamfight Tactics’ Ox Force Trait to be Reworked in Patch 13.8, says Lead Designer Mortdog

Teamfight Tactics’ lead designer Mortdog has disclosed that Patch 13.8 will introduce a change to the troublesome Ox Force trait. Riot’s auto-battler Teamfight Tactics’ Set 8.5 was available to the eager player population. In League of Legends, we got a rework to one of the more problematic traits, Ox Force, along with some more significant changes, like Glitched Out Carousels and rotating traits/units.

In the Set 8 of Teamfight Tactics, the trait Ox Force was first presented. As their health depleted further, the quality provided its units with ramping Attack Speed and, as a last-ditch effort, a second of invulnerability. Within Set 8, Ox Force was not a particularly well-liked vertical trait, but it eventually became a trait is used for the second of invulnerability. The trait was marginally changed in Set 8.5 to fit better the units added and removed with the update. Ox Force units were given flat armor and magic resistance instead of Attack Speed, supporting the concept of a tanker, a more frontline-oriented trait.

Sadly, Ox Force has encountered the same issue in Set 8.5, where its primary application is for the entire second of invulnerability, rendering the trait an absurdly potent frontline. A lot of stalling was possible during the whole second of invulnerability, which let backline units like Miss Fortune and Twisted Fate perform their spells several times. The characteristic will soon be reworked, according to Riot developer Mortdog, to make it a little bit healthier.

Ox Force will be updated in Patch 13.8, according to lead designer Mortdog

As they approach the Championships, Mortdog hinted on their Twitter page that Patch 13.8 would contain the final patch for any significant reworks for Set 8.5. One of these critical changes eliminated Ox Force’s invulnerability. A shield in lieu of the invulnerability window will represent half of the unit’s maximum health.

Making the Ox Force troops more durable is the primary goal of this adjustment, which depends on equipping them with health items to maximize the benefit of the shield. Since the trait is so prevalent in the current set, players were eager to praise Mortdog for the rework. The player base is pleased to see Ox Force being altered, though Riot has not yet revealed whether any other traits are planned for revision in Patch 13.8.

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