Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad Gameplay Showcase Criticized for Destiny-Like Menu System

The internet is making fun of the unoriginal Destiny-like menu in Rocksteady’s gameplay showcase for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. Rocksteady is growing the game. Several games have made an indelible impression on the industry, whether for the better or the bad. Open-world adventures started with Grand Theft Auto 3, which laid the groundwork for the genre. BioShock elevated the prestige of the medium in terms of storytelling.

The presence of map-unlocking towers, such as those found in Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry, hampered sandbox games for far too many years. And Destiny, with its cursor-controlled menu system, prompted creators of both multiplayer and single-player games to emulate gear systems, which have now become a curse for those who like simplicity. Also, Gotham Knights utilized the unknown method, and much to the dismay of many people, Rocksteady has decided to incorporate it into their future game.

The equipment menu in Suicide Squad was criticized for being too similar to Destinies

Rocksteady presented approximately fifteen minutes of gameplay from Kill the Justice League on the most recent PlayStation State of Play event. The Suicide Squad gave each of its four members some time in the spotlight, allowing viewers to get a good look at their various abilities and personalities. To this point, responses to the footage have appeared to be diverse.

The majority of players, however, are in agreement that the influence Destiny has had on the game’s gear and UI systems is troubling. Players will likely spend excessive time “grinding” for loot and “rifling through load-outs” to guarantee that they are inflicting the most damage possible.

According to comments made in a thread started by Exatal123 on Reddit, the portion of the showcase devoted to the menu they have dampened people’s enthusiasm for the video game.

In humor, one user responded, “Mhmm, I do like knowing there’s going to be a fun–a ton of grinding.” Several players shared the same viewpoint, stating that grinding is one of the most ineffective strategies in today’s games and urging that it should be eliminated.

According to another platform user, “adding 20 hours of cheap, repetitive gameplay to a tight 10-hour game does not make a game more useful; rather, it only diminishes the overall quality of the game.”Rocksteady has a stellar track record, which suggests that this specific studio has a fighting chance of doing it right. Yet, many are concerned that the menu structure of the Suicide Squad game portends a fate that is not all that distinct from that of Marvel’s Avengers and Gotham Knights.

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