Pokemon Go Datamine Reveals Roaming Form Gimmighoul and Gholdengo Assets, Hinting at Debut Event

A recent data mine for Pokemon Go has unearthed several assets connected to Roaming Form  Gimmighoul, leading one to speculate that a debut event may occur after Pokemon Day 2023. Trainers can’t wait to discover what the “Celebrate Together” theme of Pokemon Day 2023 will mean for their favorite continuing games like Pokemon Go and Scarlet & Violet because the holiday is just around the corner.

Fans of Pokemon Go may now have a good idea of the new material that will be added to the game following the Pokemon Presents live stream that will take place on February 27. This is all because of a recent data mine released for Pokemon Go. The data mine unearthed several assets about Roaming Form Gimmighoul and its evolution, Gholdengo, which suggests that the two Coin-based Pokemon may be making their debut during an upcoming event.

The Pokemon Go data mine provides hints about an event involving Gimmighoul

The data mine was obtained by the reputable source known as Pokeminers, who tweeted out various distinct assets they had discovered on February 24, 2023. The first picture showed off 3D models of the Wandering Form Gimmighoul and its evolution, Gholdengo, which still need to be introduced into the world of Pokemon Go.

Trainers will recall an occurrence in Pokemon Go that hinted at Gimmighoul’s Chest Form before the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. During the event, the participants could not catch a Gimmighoul, which was a great disappointment.

In addition to the three-dimensional models for the two Pokémon, assets for a new kind of Incense and Lure were also made available. The Sparkly Incense looks like a bag designed after Gimmighoul’s Chest Form, while the Lure is composed of pure gold, just like Gimmighoul’s coins are. Both of these items come from Gimmighoul.

Although the specifics are not yet known at the time of writing, these things may function analogously to those discovered during Meltan’s event. It would make sense for this to be the case, given that both Pokémon debuted in Pokemon Go and had forms that were unique to the mobile game. While the particulars of this rumored Gimmighoul event are not entirely known, these two Pokemon from Generation 9 will be added to Pokemon Go very shortly.

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