Roadhog’s One-Shot Combo: Still A Threat in Overwatch 2?

The most recent patch for Overwatch 2 introduced several nerfs to Roadhog, especially his one-shot combo. Players discovered that the nerfs didn’t go far enough to eliminate the deadly combination.

Roadhog is one of the most infamous heroes in Overwatch 2, and for a good reason. Thanks to his lethal hook and primary fire combo, he can one-hit kill heroes with up to 250 health, making him one of the game’s most powerful characters. This has been a more difficult problem in Overwatch 2 because there is one less tank to shield their more vulnerable teammates.

His hook and primary fire have both received major nerfs in the most recent retail update from Blizzard, which is a setback to his ability to one-shot heroes and reduces his overall damage output. Due to the severity of the nerfs and Blizzard’s comments, players felt certain that Roadhog would no longer be able to one shot beyond that point.

Roadhog’s One-Shot Combination: A Risky Move

The upgrades made the combination a little more difficult; nonetheless, players immediately noticed that it was still viable in the game. This indicates that all low-health heroes are not yet safe from Hog’s nightmare.

As seen in the video, Roadhog is still capable of one-shotting characters with lower hitboxes, like Ana and Kiriko, and Reaper, a hero with 250 health.

Roadhog’s hook no longer drags foes closer to him and causes 30 damage instead of 5. Therefore he must move forward so that his shotgun spread hits the whole hero’s hitbox. When you combine this with the damage reductions to his shotgun, his combo is nowhere near as effective.

The combo is far less reliable, even if it is still possible because characters like Sombra have movement abilities and can escape. Ana is a great antagonist to the hero, as demonstrated in Flat’s OW video because characters like her can have time to distance themselves from the Hog due to the further distance hook.

The Roadhog one-shot combination appears to still exist in Overwatch 2, but it’s not nearly as effective as it once was and takes a lot more work from the Hog to execute. Before the hero has a more extensive revamp at some point in the future, it now appears like a good temporary remedy.

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