Farewell to a Legend: Aphromoo announces Retirement from Competitive League of Legends

In a moving video, the NA support legend Aphromoo announced his retirement from competitive LoL. In a touching video, the outstanding support Zaqueri “aphromoo” Black announced his departure from the LCS. He apologizes for the vacant bedroom as he reviews his lengthy career and experiences in the LCS.

From his final FlyQuest days to his illustrious NA Split runs and stage presence. Expressing gratitude to the supporters, past teammates, Riot, and tournament personnel for helping to shape who he is now.

In the video, he mutters nervously, “I wish I could keep going but, yes, I just believe it’s time.” “I’m through. I had fun, and I can leave League of Legends proud of what I accomplished there.

Since 2011, Aphromoo has participated in League of Legends matches with small teams. He first made a name for himself on several squads. Including mTw, Monomaniac Ferus, and Team FeaR, eventually rising to become one of the most popular streams. He would ultimately sign with CLG in 2012, where he would go on to become legendary in the NA LCS.

Aphromoo is known for his epic Leona plays, the Rush Hour duo he formed with Doublelift, and his several NA LCS Split championships.

In 2018, he eventually joined 100 Thieves, becoming the first support player to win an MVP. The team would later take part in that year’s world championships. The following few years would be spent with Dignitas and FlyQuest, although he failed to place on the podium or go to Worlds.

What will the support legend do next, then?

Aphromoo asserts that he will resume streaming, which is how it all started in the first place. He plans to play video games such as Valorant and Apex Legends, which he has been playing significantly recently. He claims that he will not have a regular schedule, but he will continue to co-stream the League of Legends Championship Series and occasionally play League of Legends.

Instead of going live on Twitch at regular intervals, he will only do it whenever he feels like it, significantly less frequently than he once did.

As he says goodbye, he adds, “Thank you for this fantastic voyage that I’ve had in League of Legends, but it’s time to shut the page.” He then moves on to the next player.

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