Riot Games Announces Star-Studded Broadcast Team for 2023 VCT Americas Valorant League

Riot Games announced the broadcast team members for the 2023 VCT Americas League. Several recognizable faces, stars, and special guests are among the crew members. Riot has revealed the members of the on-camera broadcast crew that will be working for the VCT Americas League season, which begins on April 1.

Mimi “aEvilcat” Wermcrantz, Arten “Ballatw” Esa, Brennon “Bren” Hook, Doug “EsportsDoug” Cortez, Rivington “Riv” Bisland III, Josh “Sideshow” Wilkinson, and Alex “Vansilli” Nguyen are serving as cast members and analysts for the event. James “Dash” Patterson, Sue “Smix” Lee, and Alex “Goldenboy” Mend

Wyatt River, who has produced content about Valorant in the form of podcasts and has worked with professional teams in the past, but has never featured on any Riot Games broadcasts previously, has made a debut on the cast list, which comes as something of a surprise. In addition, the announcement of the talent included four featured guests: Sean Gares, a former Valorant caster who is now the head coach of 100 Thieves; Mirna “athxna” Noureldin of CLG Red; Benita “bENITA” Novshadian of Shopify Rebellion; and Melanie “meL” Capone of Version1. Additionally, the release hinted at undisclosed featured guests.

Announcement of talent for the VCT Americas Valorant League

Dash and Riv are just two of the stars on the broadcast roster that have previously contributed to the esports coverage that Riot Games has provided. When Riot decided not to re-sign him for the 2023 season, Riv had been a caster for the League of Legends Championship Series for a considerable amount of time, and Dash had held the position of desk host for the league.

The majority of the crew that has been announced has previous experience working on other top-tier esports broadcasts in games such as Overwatch and Counter-Strike.

The entirety of the crew has previously contributed to broadcasts for the North American Valorant and has also represented the region on worldwide broadcasts for both the Masters and Champions tournaments. On April 1, fans of the VCT Americas Valorant League will be able to see the return of the broadcast talent to their televisions, which coincides with the beginning of the competition’s first match day.

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