Jankos Statistically Dominates Despite Team Heretics’ Low LEC Standing

Jankos has managed to statistically rise to the top, despite Team Heretics’ relatively low position in the LEC standings, making this perhaps his best split to date. In 2023, there was a lot of uncertainty surrounding Team Heretics. Jackspectra was a high-tier ERL ADC who still needed his big break, Ruby has had moderate success playing across many regions, and Evi was the first Japanese import ever to enter the LEC. Mersa wasn’t precisely a role-defining player before joining Team Heretics, but he was a reliable support player.

Marcin ‘Jankos’ Jankoswski, on the other hand, is one of the most prominent and well-known players in League of Legends history. He has been playing for over ten years, was a member of the G2 team that won the MSI in 2019, and has a trophy collection almost as loaded as his list of all-pro selections. According to most metrics, Jankos has maintained his superiority over every other jungle in the LEC Spring Split. But, this achievement wasn’t made possible by Team Heretics; instead, it happened in spite of them.

Jankos leads LEC statistics despite playing for a subpar squad

The most domestic European first-place finishes belong to G2, a company that consistently dominates its area. For many years, Jankos was an integral member of G2, leading them through many of their best performances as a jungle with tremendous expertise in the position and strong mechanics on top of that.

Several people questioned whether he’d be able to maintain his current level of performance in esports if he were to play without an all-time great mid-laner like Caps. Despite Team Heretics’ generally subpar performance, the Winter and Spring splits have demonstrated that he still has it. Fans are now debating how effective this roster can be in light of this.

Jankos leads all LEC jungles in kills per game, damage per minute, money differential, first-blood participation, and solo kills while still keeping excellent farming statistics. Compared to Team Heretics’ final standings, this is one of the statistically best splits in his career. He is the kind of guy you’d find on a top-3 squad.

Love for Jankos and doubt over Team Heretics’ current lineup have been the general reactions. Many fans need clarification as to why Team Heretics is having such a difficult time, given how dominant the jungle is. With a record of 2-4 as of this writing, they still have time to turn things around and have a successful postseason run, but if they keep playing poorly, supporters are starting to wonder whether there will be any roster changes. If the Winter results are any indication, we shouldn’t expect this team to pull off a multiple miracle run. But one thing is sure: Jankos won’t be eliminated.

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