Warzone 2 TAQ-V Loadout: FaZe Booya’s Proven Setup for Melting Enemies

FaZe Booya, a YouTuber known for his expertise in the game Warzone 2, just revealed his ultimate TAQ-V loadout, which he promises will “melt everyone” in the Call of Duty battle royale.

The metagame in Warzone 2 is always shifting and adapting. The developers actively implement buffs and nerfs, in conjunction with the predominant playstyles, which actively determine the popularity of weapons at any given time.

The TAQ-V is an example of a weapon that has fared well in terms of its pick rate ever since the debut of WZ2. A battle rifle featured in Modern Warfare 2, it has a tremendous damage output and an outstanding range, despite the fact that its handling and magazine size is a bit on the cumbersome side.

Now, Booya of the FaZe Clan has revealed what he considers to be the “greatest” build for the TAQ-V.

This Booya TAQ-V Warzone 2 Loadout “melts everyone”

In a video posted to YouTube on January 14, in which he detailed his loadout, he explained that, in conjunction with a submachine gun (such as the Fennec), there is not really a better alternative to dominate mid-range gunfights at this time.

He stated, “Believe me, I’ve tried a lot of different people’s TAQ-Vs, and this one is by far the greatest TAQ-V class.” You won’t need to test anything else after you’ve experienced this one… In my perspective, this is head and shoulders above the rest of them. This object shines brighter than the sun. It has very little time to kill and it basically smashes anything in its path like a tank.

The particular loadout is described in its entirety down below:

  • Barrel: 18″ Precision-6 Barrel
  • Muzzle: Lock shot KT85 
  • Magazine: 50-Round Drum
  • Rear Grip: FSS Combat Grip 
  • Underbarrel: FTAC Ripper 56 

Players might have some difficulty homing in on foes at extremely great distances if they do not have access to an optic.

Recoil and a lack of ammunition are both mitigated by the attachments that Booya has chosen for this TAQ-V build, so there are no other significant drawbacks to consider. When you enter the fray armed with a powerful SMG of your choosing, you will be well on your road to securing those victories in Warzone 2.

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