Hidden Brite Bomber Easter Egg Discovered in Fortnite After 5 Years

After almost five years, Fortnite users have stumbled onto a hidden Easter Egg with the Brite Bomber cosmetic set. Although there are many different cosmetic pieces available for players to buy and personalize in Fortnite, certain earlier skins continue to be regarded as classics by the player base.

Along with the other products in the Sunshine and Rainbows collection, such as the Brite Blimp, Brite Bag, and Brite Board, the Brite Bomber was one of those iconic skins. The Sunshine and Rainbows cosmetic set was first launched in 2019; but, one Fortnite content maker has already found a very remote Easter Egg relating to it in 2023.

Fortnite Player Finds a Secret Easter Egg for Brite Bomber

“99% Of Fortnite Players Don’t Know About THIS,” a video from Fortnite content producer Tabor Hill, was uploaded on YouTube. The Brite Bomber skin and the Brite Blimp are mentioned in the video along with a very obscure Easter Egg.

Tabor Hill claims that he came across a request to test a very remote Easter Egg for the Sunshine and Rainbows cosmetic package from a YouTube user named Fresh Ice. To the surprise of the YouTuber, the Easter Egg actually worked—but only in a few select situations.

Prior to testing the Easter Egg, Tabor Hill claimed that despite having “run this Glider hundreds of times,” he had never witnessed the Easter Egg materialize. However, he was aware that other Gliders, such as the Cheyenne Dropship, also had distant Easter Eggs.

The Fortnite fan attempted to recreate the Easter Egg but was unable in doing so. After some trial and error, he eventually learned that the Brite Bag Back Bling only activates when players are wearing the Brite Bomber or Brite Gunner skin. The animation can’t be played because of the Brite Board Back Bling.

The Easter Egg is successfully completed when Tabor Hill enters a different match with the proper cosmetics, pulls the trigger to shoot, and the Brite Blimp launches rockets from the front of it.

At the end of his video, Tabor Hill pondered how fans could not be aware that skin sets had combo-dependent reactions. It could be worthwhile for Fortnite players to check their favorite cosmetics packages to see if any hidden Easter Eggs have gotten by them, even though the Brite Bomber reaction might just be an exception.

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