Revenant Reborn: Wall-Running and New Abilities Coming to Apex Legends?

Revenant Reborn, a different form of Revenant with a wall-run ability, might be coming to Apex Legends. What you should know is as follows. Given that Apex Legends is connected to the Titanfall universe via various weapons, allusions to planets, and military squads, some fans have long hoped that a few skills from the Titanfall games will surface. 

Respawn has repeatedly denied requests for Titans to appear. They claimed to have tried it and found that it didn’t fit. Similar to this, wall-running has also been requested to feature.  Future battle royale maps, according to leaks, will, in reality, include wall-running. According to certain leakers, Revenant Reborn, a different version of Revenant, is rumored to contain it as a skill. This is what we do know.

What does Apex Legends’ Revenant Reborn mean?

That’s correct; besides the already spooky version of Revenant that we have in-game, some leakers have stated that Respawn has been working on Revenant Reborn with playtesters.

Thordan Smash has noted this several times, claiming to have spoken with playtesters who gave him the character’s lowdown. “There is a character select where they are getting a unique Revenant whose Ultimate is a one-on-one fight in the void with whoever it hits,” he explained.  Also, as it matches the ultimate wall-running, our current theory is that this will be the shadow Revenant from the Halloween mode.

What purported skills does Revenant Reborn possess?

One of the playtesters is still being determined when the legend will be ready for everyone. And it is unclear whether they will be whole new characters, as Thordan pointed out. According to speculations, the character’s tactical abilities include a forcefield that pushes foes away and the ability to teleport using a Sling Shot. The wall-running ability is reported to be the passive skill of the character. 

A one-on-one duel similar to Call of Duty’s Gulag has been mentioned a few times and appears to have been playtested, so that option looks more confident.  Given that it is a variation on the present Revenant, it might be something for a temporary mode. But it has yet to be discovered how this legend would enter the battle royale. 

Revenant Reborn is coming to Apex Legends at what time?

Revenant Reborn was the subject of a new video that Thordan posted on May 25, 2023. In it, he revealed when Revenant Reborn would appear in Apex Legends. “We’ve got something that’s coming a little bit closer to the middle of the season, end of the season,” said Ashley Reed, the narrative lead for Apex Legends, “that we don’t wanna talk about too much yet, because we want to make sure you get a chance to see it.”

Reed continues by intimating that the team is exploring other methods to convey a more comprehensive, unified tale in Apex and that what she previously hinted at might have significant plot ramifications for the game. If everything works out as Reed said, Revenant Reborn will debut midway through Season 17. If not, he might travel there at the beginning of Season 18. Fans will have to wait to see what Respawn has in store.

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