Karma Joins OpTic Gaming as New Call of Duty League Coach: A Legendary Addition

Before Major 5, in a video, OpTic Gaming appeared to confirm Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow’s appointment as the team’s new Call of Duty League coach. According to most people, one of the most fantastic Call of Duty competitors of all time is Karma. As a legendary OpTic dynasty team member, the Canadian won his third and final world championship, becoming the first player to do so.

Karma decided to end her career following a poor Modern Warfare 2019 season. He stayed relatively close to the path, regularly streaming and producing footage with OpTic. ‘Karma’ indicated an interest in returning to the CDL as a coach for OpTic Texas in an exclusive interview during CDL Major 3. Given that the legendary COD player appeared to have been hired by OpTic Texas as its new coach, Karma may have gotten his wish.

OpTic Texas suggests Karma will be the upcoming coach

Karma is seen mentoring the OpTic Texas players in a video that OpTic Gaming posted on May 25. H3CZ gave some explanation as to why OpTic would have made the change. He says, “There is still the doubt and question of whether or not we can win a championship without a coach.”

We had a fantastic losers bracket run before losing to Toronto Ultra in the Grand Final at Major 3, OpTic Texas. Then, after going 5-0 in Major 4 Qualifiers, Texas was defeated by the LA Thieves in the Grand Final for the second time in a row. Next, OpTic’s scorching roster went unbeaten in Major 5 Qualifiers, setting up the team nicely for a second chance at a Major victory.

In terms of what Karma can provide, he described his approach to coaching. I wouldn’t approach it with the attitude that “Hey, you have to do this;” instead, I would approach it from an outsider’s standpoint and ask, “Like, what can I help with?” The three-time world champion thinks his teammates, particularly Brandon “Dashy” Otell, would be behind him.

“That’s the main issue. Brandon would, for sure, and I genuinely believe they all would. I don’t even want to sound conceited, but everyone respects me. When this decision is formally revealed is still unknown. On May 25 at 4:30 EST, OpTic Texas and Florida square off in the opening round of Major V.

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