Possible Overwatch 2 and Fortnite Crossover Sparks Fan Speculation

After discovering that a new spray in the battle royale mode seems to be heavily based on an existing Overwatch spray, fans of both Overwatch 2 and Fortnite have become highly alert.

The game that currently holds the title of “King of Crossovers” is Fortnite since it has managed to include elements from virtually every other intellectual property imaginable at some point in its development. Fortnite has done everything, from Batman to Star Wars and everything in between.

Blizzard is attempting to jump on the bandwagon with their upcoming game Overwatch 2, as evidenced by their recent cooperation with One Punch Man, which features skins and other cosmetics inspired by the famous anime.

Now, the gaming community speculates that the worlds of Overwatch and Fortnite could collide thanks to a new spray called “Hamster Cabbie.” Some players attribute the inspiration for this spray to the OW2 tank hero Hammond and his “Pilot” spray. This has led to the speculation that the two games could merge into one.

Fans make assumptions about an Overwatch A crossover with Fortnite is on the way

The Overwatch 2 Twitter page Cavalry first discovered that the new Fortnite spray resembles the Wrecking Ball’s Pilot spray. Both hamsters in the jets have their arms folded, giving off an aggressive vibe.

The topic was quickly brought up in the community of Fortnite, where HYPEX observed that “Either Fortnite got a touch too inspired from Overwatch with the new spray, or maybe there’s an upcoming collab with them.”

In the comments, fans started commenting about a possible crossover that might be in the works, and some of them even said that the collaboration “had to take place.”

Another person chimed in, saying, “That can’t be a coincidence.” Nevertheless, only some people are on board with this. Some players are under the impression that this was nothing more than an attempt at lazy copying and does not indicate that the two games have something more significant planned for the future.

Something may be in the works at some point in the future, although Overwatch is welcoming crossovers for the first time, and Fortnite is paving the way. However, until then, it is essential to keep in mind that nothing has been confirmed. In the meantime, check our gaming section frequently for the most recent information regarding OW2 and Fortnite.

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