Players uses Proximity Mine for Hilarious Modern Warfare 2 Final Kill Cam

The Modern Warfare 2 final kill cams encourage players to get creative, and one player took that ingenuity to a whole new level by using a proximity mine. If asked, the vast majority of players who play Call of Duty would be dishonest if they denied ever trying to pull off a spectacular last-kill cam. It doesn’t matter if it’s a no-scope sniper shot or a tomahawk kill across the battlefield; the feature has always been an essential component of the franchise’s overall design.

When the creators introduced the tracking system for final replays, it just made it more tempting to try and do something physically impossible. This update includes a lock-on function, which tracks the trajectory of killstreaks, rocket launcher shots, and even throwable items. During a battle of Modern Warfare 2, one player employed this invention to carry off an incredibly rewarding kill on another player.

Players of Modern Warfare 2 are speechless after watching the funny last kill cam.

A user who plays Modern Warfare 2 uploaded a video to Reddit with the caption, “a kill-cam that shows off my 0.3 KD and 300 IQ all at once.” The player was joking. After activating the Last Stand perk to give themselves a second chance at life, the player eliminated an opponent with the use of a proximity mine. The characters flew across the screen after the mine blew them up. This added insult to injury.

Members of the community condemned the developers of the game for adding the contentious Last Stand perk; consequently, players gave their full support to the disrespectful play.

The fun was shared by those who left comments. “It was the funniest thing ever. Something about the mine propelling him skyward and the game ending all of a sudden made me laugh. A second player said, “This demonstrates that having a higher KD does not equate to having a higher IQ, and vice versa.”

Others took pleasure in the pain that a Last Stand user endured. “Whenever I take out a user of Last Stand, I like to torment them a little bit,” said the player. The perk gives players the ability to respawn in the event that they die while playing multiplayer games. Members of the community have voiced their displeasure at the requirement to eliminate an adversary twice effectively, but this may encourage them to have some lighthearted fun with their vanquished foes.

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