Primal Groudon gets stuck in Pokemon Go with embarrassing cone of shame

After a visual error, a Pokemon Go player discovered that their Primal Groudon was stuck in an unusual position. The huge Legendary now has a weird cone of shame on its head. Players of Pokemon Go always have a good time with the graphical bugs in the mobile game. Findings are regularly reported on social media, ranging from weird model bugs that remove the eyes from wild encounters to species that have had their texture swapped to give a “shiny” appearance.

Nonetheless, there are some bizarre bugs that have the potential to generate nightmare fuel or even place a player’s favorite Pokemon in an unpleasant situation. Also, a recent wardrobe update showed players this phenomenon, in which the recognizable Team Leaders were transformed into monstrous forms after being stretched out.

Due to a recent graphical error, a Pokemon Go trainer posted an ugly and potentially embarrassing photograph of their Buddy buddy Primal Groudon. In the picture, Primal Groudon can be seen donning what seems like a strange cone of shame.

A Pokemon Go gamer takes their Primal Groudon to the hospital

Lucariojr uploaded a photograph to the r/pokemongo subreddit that shows their Primal Groudon Buddy with its head stuck through a PokeStop. The image was published on Reddit by the gamer. The following is written on the post: “Had him mended today. Had to put a cone on him to keep him from gnawing at the sutures.”

In addition, the player calls the PokeStop accessory a “cone of shame,” a device designed to prevent furry family members from licking injuries after a visit to the veterinarian. Fans of Pokemon Go found the photograph humorous. And their comments were filled with sorrow for the Buddy and concerns about how the “journey” went.

One user comments, “Groundon? more like GROUNDED. HAHA. (I’m Very Sorry)” while another chimes in and says, “He ran out of balls. On a more serious note, when he comes to a stop, does he rotate his body like Kecleon does? It in and of itself is just amusing to behold. Although it’s possible that a reset of the app may help the Primal Groudon get out of his humiliating situation. The image will undoubtedly make gamers of Pokemon Go laugh out loud. On future journeys, the Groudon and its trainer should avoid getting caught in the same PokeStops repeatedly.

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