Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Latest Update Sparks Microtransaction Worries

In February 2023, Disney Dreamlight Valley released an update that added a Premium Content Store and the ability to purchase Moonstone currency through microtransactions. This update has troubled players of the game. In the cute slice-of-life game Disney Dreamlight Valley, players can create an unbelievable community populated by well-known Disney characters. The game’s calming gameplay and generally approachable content have won over users since it was published in early access for consoles and PC in 2022.

The most recent update, released in February 2023, introduced characters like Olaf from Frozen and Mirabel from Encanto, keeping gameplay fresh for players. Together with numerous enhancements to the core mechanics and features, the update also featured a new Star Path in honor of Disney’s 100th anniversary.

Nonetheless, adding a premium currency shop was one new element many were looking forward to seeing in Disney Dreamlight Valley soon. From the game’s inception, moonstone premium currency has been present because it is necessary for the Star Path events. However, now that players may buy moonstone premium currency with real money, fans are comfortable with the pricing.

Players of Disney Dreamlight Valley are concerned about microtransactions

Disney Dreamlight Valley recently showcased the new castle skin that gamers may buy with premium Moonstone currency in a tweet. “Buy a residence that inSPIRES you!” the post exhorts. This unique optional Dream Style, which is only temporarily available in the Premium Shop, will let you modernize your house and live like a king or queen!

Instead of exchanging enthusiasm, players are expressing anxiety over the 3,750 Moonstone price tag. Given the cost of Moonstone at USD 9.99 for 2,500, every aesthetic package in the new Premium Content Shop, including the castle skin, appears to be astonishingly expensive.

One Disney Dreamlight Valley fan who expressed concern in the comments said, “I received it already, but only because I had moonstones remaining. Prices at high-end stores are way too expensive. You can expect us to spend less than 200 EUR a month to get everything. Someone else said, “I’d love to, but holy moly, the premium shop is absurdly costly. Please, just cut the pricing. Even for a game that will eventually be accessible for free.

According to a gamer who commented, “messed up the game for me with this “premium shop”.. was hoping the game wouldn’t go in that route,” some players are already concerned the new premium charges will signal trouble for the game. Microtransactions have wrecked so many games. Regrettably, Gameloft has yet to do much to address how the premium currency pricing has been received. There might be a need for some adjustments to keep fans motivated because there are so few ways to obtain Moonstones, and so many items now require them.

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