Pokemon Go Players Upset with Niantic’s Daily Remote Raid Cap and Cost Increase

Players of Pokemon Go have expressed dissatisfaction with Niantic’s daily Remote Raid cap, which applies even if trainers fail the chosen event. Niantic has recently come under fire for raising the cost of small raids from 100 poke coins to 195. Trainers have started retaliating against the Pokemon Go developer by deleting the mobile game. Others have declined to raid or purchase anything from the in-game store.

Players also started a Change.org petition with almost 90k signatures in addition to striking. Additionally, #HearUsNiantic began to trend on social media. Users have criticized Niantic for limiting the amount of Remote Raids each day in addition to their displeasure with the price of Remote Raids.

Niantic’s Remote Raid policy counts unsuccessful raids against the daily cap

On the TheSilphRoad subreddit, Reddit member MygodStudio talked about their terrible Remote Raid restriction experience. MygodStudio asserted that their friend couldn’t participate remotely in a subsequent Lugia raid. The user’s friend was unable to view the invitation after reaching the daily cap for Remote Raids.

A West LA native wrote, “Daily limit (if there has to be one) should be five completed raids in a day.” “No more than five raids, please.”

Matty8520 said, “To me, this is unacceptable and has to be addressed in their code. “We ought to be let to continue until the raid timer expires. Regardless of how many times something is tried. MOBYWV questioned why, in light of the issue, the Pokemon Go user was still participating in Remote Raids. The Reddit poster asked why individuals continued to conduct small raids. “You are to blame for things never changing. Lugia has been here 100 times, and he will be here 100 more.

Additionally, a number of trainers have expressed dissatisfaction with how the Remote Raid problem has impacted in-person raiding. The completion of raids would be more difficult without distant players. This is particularly true for rural areas. Reddit user Caldwell-luc commented, “Hosted the raid on PokeGenie at 43 minutes left in the raid.” “Closed the lobby at 3 minutes left because there were still 66 open lobbies in front of us.” It’s unclear if Niantic will ever offer a remedy, despite Pokemon Go gamers complaining about the Remote Raid rules.

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