Apex Legends devs pull off Mozambique prank for April Fools’ Day

The creators of Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment, had a prank up their sleeve for April Fool’s Day, which consisted of changing every firearm into a Mozambique when the player pings them. The developers at Respawn are no newcomers to playing practical jokes on players to celebrate April Fools’ Day. Since the introduction of the battle royale game in 2019, the developers have been preparing a joke.

Respawn has been trolling players on April 1 for the past couple of years by giving them a golden version of the Mozambique pistol and a golden version of the P2020, both of which caused excessive damage. The April Fools’ Day update from the previous year confused players when the notorious Mozambique pistol was transformed into a Nessie launcher. This time, the developers had something new up their sleeve, and that was the ability to change any weapon you detect into a Mozambique.

The April Fools’ Day upgrade from Apex makes everything look like it’s in Mozambique

On April 1, the time-honored practical joke known as golden Mozambique was played again, albeit with a new spin. As part of this year’s April Fools’ Day prank, any weapon you ping will become the notorious pistol. The fans adore the prank, as evidenced by the numerous Reddit threads praising the developers.

One of the audience members noted, “New April fools update is amazing.” Someone else pointed out that the weapon description of a Havoc after it has been transformed into a Mozambique contains a subtle dig at the participants of the game. The description of the weapon instructs the player to “Stop asking for Havoc select fire and just let it go.” “I couldn’t stop laughing as I read all of the descriptions. One of the players commented, “I keep dying because of the reading.”

“The newborn Nessie babies are just too damn adorable to put in the oven! Now I have no choice but to organize an armada!!! This new version brings so much excitement!  Everyone in the community has had a fantastic time with the April Fools upgrade for this year.

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