Pokemon Go Players Say Goodbye to Community Amidst Upcoming Changes

Before some players removed the app and quit the video game permanently, Pokemon Go players said goodbye and thanked the community. For those who might have missed it, Niantic, the company behind Pokemon Go, recently revealed intentions to modify the way Remote Raids and Passes operate.

The community reacted angrily to this news, threatening a new boycott and even starting a Change.org petition to force Niantic to change its mind. Before the April 6 update, some players have even begun to gather online to say goodbye to the community as they prepare to delete their accounts or Pokemon Go apps.

Pokemon Go users bid the neighborhood farewell

When a user posted a long explanation of why they were quitting the mobile game in a post with the title “To those permanently leaving the game by April 6, don’t forget to thank the community,” it quickly garnered attention on the Pokemon Go subreddit.

The OP began the post by expressing gratitude to the community and recalling their previous enjoyment of the game. Still, they also made sure to criticize Niantic for its most recent, contentious changes.

Naturally, some trainers in the replies echoed the OP’s feelings and said they might be quitting the game forever. “I’m also departing due to the modifications to the remote raid. I’ve accepted the circumstance, so I’m not angry with Niantic. Some trainers declared that they would be leaving the game but might later return if the alterations were later undone. “Man, that was a blast, folks. If some of their changes are reversed, I’ll be returning because I enjoy shiny collecting and playing battle league.

Others, who still had tasks they wanted to do in Pokemon Go, were understandably unsure about quitting the game. “I’m so grateful to you all. I’m still debating whether to delete it; I’m a free-to-play player in a rural area, so clearly, f*ck Niantic, but deleting it would prevent me from achieving my goals on Pogo. Many players would prefer to avoid the adjustments Niantic has chosen to make. When the Remote Raid changes take effect on April 6, it’s doubtful that fans will ever have a precise estimate of the number of players who quit the game, but there will undoubtedly be some who do.

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