Niantic Increases Price and Caps Daily Use of Pokemon Go Remote Raid Passes

Niantic has announced that they will make changes to Pokemon Go Remote Raids, including increasing the cost of Remote Raid Passes that can be purchased in the store. Leaks from the game Pokemon Go appeared in February 2023, suggesting that the price of Remote Raid passes was going to increase and that the number of passes that trainers could purchase each day might be capped at five.

Trainers were quick to take to social media to voice their opposition to the potential changes, arguing that these alterations would make it more challenging for some players to appreciate playing the game. Niantic officially announced the changes released on March 30, 2023. These changes include a cap on the number of times a day that Remote Raid Passes can be used and a significant price increase.

Pokemon Go’s Remote Raids have been nerfed, and the ticket price has increased.

The modifications were made public by Niantic in an article published on the Pokemon Go blog. They made the following statement: “We want to give you a heads up about adjustments that are coming to Pokemon Go’s Remote Raid Passes. “The purpose of these adjustments is to rebalance the game and make certain that Trainers will continue to enjoy it for many years to come.”

The following price modifications will be implemented as a result of the changes:

  • The price of the Remote Raid Pass three-pack will go up to 525 Pokecoins from its previous level of 300.
  • The cost of a single Remote Raid Pass will go up to 195 Pokecoins from its prior status of 100.

Additionally, Niantic will add a three-pack of Premium Battle Passes to the store at 250 Pokecoins for each pack. They have also disclosed that there will be a daily cap of five Remote Raids for teachers to participate in.

Niantic noted that this limit might be raised or altered during special events. They also disclosed that Bug Remote Raid Passes would be one of the prospective rewards for achieving Research Breakthroughs on a monthly basis. On the other hand, if a trainer already possesses three Remote Raid Passes, that trainer will instead receive a Premium Battle Pass when they acquire a fourth one.

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