Pokemon Go Player Forced to Travel to Mexico to Complete Timed Research Objectives

The player of Pokemon Go was forced to travel to Mexico in order to spin Pokestops as part of a new set of Timed Research objectives. This objective required the player to visit Mexico. This caused the user, as well as the other trainers, to get puzzled.

The Rising Heroes season of Pokemon Go has just recently begun, with a concentration on the southern region of North America. To be more specific, Mexico has been permitted to participate in the “Choose Your Combat Type” event that Timed Research hosts. The purpose of this study is to pay tribute to the fact that the Fighting-type Pokémon Hawlucha was first made available in Mexico exclusively. During the Pick Your Fighting Type event, which runs from March 1 through March 8, players have the opportunity to select a route that leads to a specific Fighting-type opponent.

Nevertheless, players can only access this Timed Research if they are currently located in Mexico. Or at least that is what Niantic planned since one player from the United States found it perplexing that they had to leave the country to complete the game’s aim.

Players of Pokemon Go must travel to Mexico to finish the mission

“Are they actually in that location?” The user who uploaded the image with the remark “I live in the United States” was Baroque1750. The photograph displayed a picture of the second phase of the Choose Your Fighting Type study.

In the comments, players pleaded with OP to abandon the nation in order to fulfill his responsibilities before it was too late. You still have two days, hurry up and get moving! “just one author was involved. Permit me to travel to Mexico right away, “the original poster said afterward.

Trainers were quick to point out, however, that despite the game’s assumption, Baroque 1750 may very well live within driving distance of the border between the United States and Mexico. Blocks that are square make up the majority of the game’s walls. The boundary itself is curved in a certain way. There is a possibility that Mexico will show up in southern Texas and southern California. The United States of America may be seen in northern Mexico.

Others argued that for the OP to advance to the second page, they would have been required to complete the first assignment, which consists of rotating one Pokestop in Mexico. This was one of the arguments that were made. The trainer was instructed to return to the point where they had previously turned the wheel and continue doing so until the task had been completed. When it became possible to access the challenges, Baroque1750 subsequently disclosed that they were located in San Diego, more than 15 miles from the boundary of the competition.

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