Pokemon Go Trainer Proposes Quality-of-Life Update to TM Screen with DPS Indicators and Elite TM Tags

Gamers have expressed interest in seeing a fundamental concept for a quality-of-life update to the TM screen developed by a Pokemon Go trainer and made into an actual feature. Despite the fact that Pokemon Go incorporates a significant number of elements from the primary video game series into its mobile game format, there are still aspects of the primary sequence that fans would like to see translated into other languages.

For a considerable amount of time, players of Pokemon Go have voiced their desire to include extensive stat displays, such as those found in flagship titles such as Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Today, a trainer came up with a simple proposal using TM labels and move damage that people agree would be a fantastic addition to the game if implemented.

Pokemon Go trainer develops a sound TM screen idea

The idea originated from the TheSilphRoad section of Reddit and depicted a simple modification to the TM screen that includes some helpful information.

There are indicators for the move’s damage-per-second output as well as a tag for Elite TMs where the move list typically appears. As there isn’t currently an in-app breakdown of the actual damage a move will deal, many Pokemon Go players have turned to third-party apps to obtain practical examinations of this information.

According to many community members, a DPS indicator would be a somewhat specialized feature. “In my opinion, casual users who rely solely on official websites and apps for information have yet to learn what DPS is or why they should be concerned about it. They’ll Google it to know the distinctions between all the water-type moves Kyogre knows.

A different trainer responded, “I once had a friend tell me that Solar Beam is superior to Frenzy Plant since it deals more damage. Nothing in the game explains to players what that implies. Even though DPS may not be practical to display, we can still improve upon what we currently have.

A majority of players thought that tags for Elite and Legacy moves would be an excellent addition to the TM screen, despite many trainers stating that a DPS counter may not be required. Niantic is still determining whether to incorporate elements like this into the game.

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