Pokemon Go Director Michael Steranka and Family Targeted in Harassment Campaign Linked to #HearUsNiantic

Someone has been harassing Pokemon Go Director Michael Steranka and his family using the hashtag “HearUsNiantic,” associated with the protest against Niantic. Steranka revealed this information on Twitter. The hashtag #HearUsNiantic began trending across social media platforms in April as a means for fans to voice their disapproval of the changes made to Remote Raids. Players were pleading with Niantic to roll back the price hike and the restrictions that had been implemented.

On May 23, more than a month after it started trending, Pokemon Go director Michael Steranka revealed that a user was using the hashtag in tweets to harass himself, his wife, and their newborn kid. The tweets included the hashtag. It rapidly went viral, and many people put their feelings about the status of the game aside in order to criticize the acts of the individual in question.

A #HearUsNiantic protester has been harassing the director of Pokemon Go

Also, at the beginning of his tweet, Michael Steranka mentioned that he had decided to block an account for the first time today. Even if some people say pretty terrible things about me, I make it a habit not to stop anyone because I take pride in not doing it. Also, along with the message, Steranka attached screenshots of a Twitter account that insulted him, his wife, and Michael’s newborn child. The report was directed at Michael.

“But this account, which was just created this month, seems to have been made with the sole intent of harassing me and insulting my family,” he replied. “This account was just created this month.” “I hope we can all agree that this is not okay and something we should wholly reject from the community.” The following day, Steranka announced that the user’s account had been removed and expressed gratitude to those who had criticized the user’s behavior.

“I just wanted to thank everyone who commented on denouncing what that person had stated and those who took the initiative to report their account. It means a great deal to me in more ways than one,” he explained. Even while it is pretty evident that Pokemon Go fans are unhappy with Steranka’s choices regarding the game, it appears that the community does not want that degree of harassment to take place within it.

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