Octane’s Easy Jump Pad Trick to Land on Revelry Character Balloons in Apex Legends

Octane is the resident adrenaline junkie of Apex Legends, and with this easy jump pad trick, he and his team will be allowed to land just on top of the giant Revelry character balloons floating in the sky. Everyone who has experienced Octane will be familiar with the part he plays in Apex Legends. He is all about speed and momentum, and the combination of his characteristic stim shot, and jump pad allows him to move unlike anybody else in the game. His focus is all on speed and momentum.

He has been able to perform several clever tricks with his jump pad, but this one has the potential to be the most beneficial one yet because it can, in essence, shield an entire team from all of the action for a short period.

Players are able to ride the giant balloons using jump pad stunts in Apex Legends.

To successfully carry off this feat, all you need is a container for the material. When Octane places his jump pad against one, it allows anyone who hits the pillow to perform a super leap when they are thrown into the air by Octane.

Although it can be employed as a simple mode of transportation, the best results can be achieved in Season 16 when a team is close to one of the Legend balloons floating throughout the area. Everyone on the squad will be able to safely ascend to the top of the balloons without incurring a penalty for going out of bounds, provided that the pad is positioned correctly.

This is a massive problem because it fully shields a squad from the action that is going on below, and it is pretty likely that the adversaries will be looking over their shoulders to discover people if the people in the squad give themselves up.

This can also be accomplished with an Ash ultimate in specific regions; however, aside from landing on a balloon while redeploying, there are a few other methods for teams to stop this approach from working. But, as this is not a sure victory, anyone who goes up there should be ready for the people watching them tumble down when the Ring inexorably pushes them to move in some direction.

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