Players of Warzone 2 Want Access to All Playlists on Ashika Island

Warzone 2 developer Infinity Ward has introduced a new weekly playlist, but players have expressed a desire to have access to all playlists at once.

In the patch notes for Season 2, it was stated by Raven Software that Ashika Island would be accessible to all different-sized squads. However, when the new map was released, it had just quads, and players accused the developers of “lying.” On Friday, February 24, the Resurgence map was provided with its own solo music, which helped community members rediscover their faith.

This show of good faith on the part of Raven Software did not continue very long because the solos were only made available in a weekend playlist. After a few days, the Twitch streamer Symfuhny had to give up playing Ashika Island since his preferred playlist was withdrawn. Due to the fact that Call of Duty added duos to the game mode in the most recent update for Warzone 2’s playlist, gamers are wondering why they are unable to have every playlist available at the same time.

Players of Warzone 2 expect every playlist to be available on Ashika Island

Account of the Warzone 2 news. The argument put out by ModernWarzone was as follows: “We were guaranteed all squad sizes for Ashika Island on launch in Warzone 2.” They proceeded by saying, “Since then, they’ve only provided us with duos and quads, after first giving us only quads for a week, then adding solos, and then removing solos after just one weekend.” Why are we being given resurgence playlists on a steady basis?

Ashika Island has a significantly lower player capacity than Al Mazrah, with only 52 people able to compete in 13 teams of four in quads. Taking down foes can become too hectic when players respawn in four-person groups, which is especially true if you are solo-queued for the match. There is a school of thought in the community that the close-quarters map flows more smoothly in smaller squad-sized playlists.

One participant gave this response in response to the question: “Willing to bet the player base isn’t big enough for Call of Duty to have all the playlists separating the people.” In response, ModernWarzone stated, “If this is the case, then permanently retain the trios and solos, and periodically switch out the duos and quads.”

According to the person responsible for leaking information about Call of Duty, TheGhostOfHope, “It’s just a ridiculous excuse for the devs who haven’t learned jack sh** from the first game.” For now, gamers will be required to log on when the playlist of their choice is available.

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