Overwatch 2 developers announce fix for “pay to lose” Ashe skin in Season 3, but with no specific date

The developers of Overwatch 2 have announced a cure for what many players are referring to as a “pay to lose” Ashe skin that will be implemented in Season 3, but there is a catch. There is no set date for when the repair will be implemented; only a period has been provided for when it will be made available.

Overwatch 2 is halfway into the cycle of its third season, and with each new season comes the release of new skins. The Raijin Ashe skin bundle is one of the latest additions to the selection of skins that are available in Overwatch.

On the other hand, compared to Ashe’s normal skin, this skin can be considered a giant step backward. When a player gets scoped in, a sizeable chunk of their field of vision is obscured, as a number of other players have seen and pointed out.

Concerns Arise Over Overwatch’s Raijin Ashe Skin Bundle

Reports of the issue began almost immediately after the bundle was made available for purchase. One user on Twitter named Miraak was the first to bring it to the attention of Jared Neuss, the Executive Producer of Overwatch, by tweeting him a screenshot of the obstruction.

In reaction to this, Neuss announced that the developers are working to resolve the issue. But, this change will take effect after a period of time. He said in his tweet that “the fix will go live no later than the debut of Season 4” in April.

As there is currently no information regarding when Season 4 will be made available to the public, this indicates that the fix will be implemented at some point during March or even later in April. As this article is being written, the question is still open for debate.

Several users have also highlighted that the skin was advertised as coming with a name card, despite the fact that one was not included in the package it was sold in. Neuss revealed that players who acquired the Raijin Ashe skin could soon access new name cards in their inventory. But in addition, it won’t arrive for another couple of weeks. 

Gamers are also inquiring as to whether or not the other name cards that still need to be distributed and which were supposed to be distributed alongside other skin bundles in Season 2 will be distributed. Neuss has chosen not to answer those particular questions.

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