Players Criticize Pokemon Go’s New Year’s Event for Poor Execution

Many Pokemon Go players have been disappointed by the New Year’s 2023 event, calling it “offensively bad” due to issues with promised features not working correctly. The event, which runs from December 31, 2022 to January 4, 2023, features festive Pokemon, new character poses and outfits, and fireworks. Players have taken to Reddit to express their grievances, with some stating that this event was one of the worst ever. There has been no response from Niantic, the company behind Pokemon Go, about these widespread issues.

Niantic has once again sponsored a New Year event to round out the holiday season, following tradition from previous years. From December 31, 2022, until January 4, 2023, this event features fireworks to brighten the game’s sky, holiday-themed Pokemon, and new character postures and attire.

The New Year event, like many prior Pokemon Go events, hasn’t been well received by users. A lot of users have voiced their opinions online, complaining that some of the advertised features aren’t functioning properly or that the event has been disappointing overall.

“Worst event ever” labeled for the Pokemon Go New Year’s event

Players took to the TheSilphRoad subreddit on January 1, only one day into the event, to air their complaints. The complaints were made in response to a comment made by user georgiaajamess, who said, “Fireworks, Stickers, and even research not arriving for the new year event? They did, of course, remember to activate the 500-coin position.

In the comments section below the post, people expressed these ideas and others. How difficult is it to activate 3 simple features that were previously announced? Did they actually say, “Screw this,” and leave one intern behind before heading home? “, said one user.

The worst thing that has ever happened is this. The reply from OP to the statement “The collection challenge is the worst” was, “Very so outrageously terrible after all those paid events they threw out the last six weeks! ”

Others were relieved to learn the problems were common because they had initially assumed their devices were to blame. One user even said in a comment that it inspired them to keep their New Year’s goal to stop contributing to Niantic.

As of the time of writing, Niantic has not commented on these widespread problems. We will update our readers as the tale progresses, though.

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