MultiVersus Senior Character Artist Hints at Walter White’s Potential Appearance in 2023

Fans who want Walter White from Breaking Bad to join the cast have new hope thanks to a tweet from MultiVersus’ Senior Character Artist. MultiVersus won Best Fighting Game at the 2022 Game Awards, making it one of the most unexpected video games to come out of that year.

One of the game’s Senior Character Artists has given fans the most persuasive tease yet with a tweet. Rick Sanchez and Marvin the Martian are just two of the many characters that the game has added to its diverse roster of characters since its first release. However, some community members have been hoping for one particular character: Walter White from Breaking Bad.

Developer of MultiVersus Teases Walter White for 2023

Dan Eder, a senior character artist for MultiVersus, teased fans on Twitter by replying to the iconic Walter White for MultiVersus account.

The prominent Walter White meme account tweeted in response to Player1stGames’ tweet wishing fans a happy 2023 and informing them of “major surprises coming next year”: “The way I’ll have a good 2023 is if I see Walter White join MultiVersus that year.”

Obviously, Eder’s response is by no means an unequivocal indication that Walter White is moving to MultiVersus, and is probably just a fun reaction to engage fans, as it just reads, “Expect wonderful things,” in response to the account.

Nevertheless, that is the most specific hint from a member of the game’s development team that Heisenberg fans have ever received. Of course, the director of the game has acknowledged public outrage for the character, so this isn’t the first time the MultiVersus team has communicated with the Walter White fan account.

Unfortunately, copyright problems prevent Walter White from appearing in MultiVersus since Sony, not Warner Bros., is the rightful owner of the intellectual property. Even while it’s still unclear whether or not fans can anticipate Walter White to knock on MultiVersus’ door, it appears like there may be more reason to believe that it will happen now than before.

Fans are hoping that Walter White from Breaking Bad will join the cast in 2023 after receiving a cryptic tweet from a senior character artist at MultiVersus. For Heisenberg fans, it’s the most encouraging teasing yet, even though it’s not a confirmation. Even if it’s exciting, copyright restrictions might make it challenging for White to appear in the game.

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