Exploit Allows Players to Turn Trucks into Submarines in Warzone 2

Warzone 2 players have found a way to turn trucks into improvised submarines thanks to a bug in the game. These crafty players have discovered that by driving their armored trucks off the edge of a pier and the water. Players can avoid the normal fate of sinking and instead continue to cruise through the river. 

The bug can occur at various locations around the map, but it seems to only work with trucks. Many players are anticipating this becoming a popular strategy in certain areas of the game. But there is no telling when or if the exploit will be patched.

Players are already somewhat protected while moving around the map gathering kills thanks to the vehicles, but there are significantly less alternatives for water-based transportation than there are for land-based vehicles. But what if you could submerge one of the armored trucks? These operations have provided us with a response to that query.

Warzone 2 Gamers May Convert Armored Trucks Into Submarines

These Warzone 2 players dodged the dreadful fate that normally befalls any truck that goes underwater as their truck accelerates straight off the edge of the pier. The driver is able to maintain full throttle while gliding through the river.

Although the problem can happen everywhere on the map, the video shown below shows it happening around the docks. On the game’s subreddit, gamers are already terrified of this tactic. Many believe that it will soon become a standard tactic in some areas.

When the circles move over there, one commentator predicted, “Oh this is going to get crazy as fuck.” If you do it near people, the Jaws theme must be played.

Even though it would be terrible enough if this were the only area where the bug existed, there have been reports of it occurring elsewhere on the map. A few places exist like this. On the middle canal, I’ve done this before. However, it appears to be limited to the truck.

Since it’s impossible to anticipate whether or when this exploit will be fixed, the dire predictions that it will become widely used may very well come to pass. If it occurs, simply keep in mind to periodically glance into the water to avoid any surprises as you reach the final circle.

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