“Pay-to-Win” Technique Uncovered in Warzone 2 DMZ: ON1C’s Spectacular Ambush in Exfiltration Zone

One astute player in Warzone 2 DMZ has discovered a “pay-to-win” technique, which he used to his advantage to set up a spectacular ambush in the Exfiltration Zone.

Players playing alone or losing their teammates may find that the DMZ game mode is extremely challenging. When things get complicated, the best action is to take a back seat and wait for other teams to botch their attempts at victory.

Certain Operator skins make achieving this result significantly simpler than others. One TikToker has discovered a “pay to win” approach, which enabled him to pull off an incredible ambush on a team that was caught off guard.

The “pay to win” Operator skin in Warzone 2 DMZ prepares a treacherous ambush

When everything fell into place, ON1C rested close to the Exfil location. It seemed as though the entire squad was in a mad dash to get to him as quickly as possible so they could board the jet and get out of Dodge.

Due to their frantic activity, they failed to realize that he was hiding close. After they boarded, he sprung his trap by snatching their car and then using the turret mounted on the roof to eliminate all of them in the shortest amount of time possible. ON1C believes that his ghillie suit made all the difference between the team seeing him and not seeing him because of the play’s potential to succeed even without it.

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A few of these outfits are available to wear during the game, and each one calls for a purchase of some kind. Whether they come as part of a package or through outside promotions (like the Jack Link’s code redemption, which has since been discontinued), only some have the same access to them.

The only way to obtain one of these suits at this time is to either track down one of four Jack Link’s codes or purchase one of several different bundles (such as Overgrown, Overgrown 2, VII: Sloth, or Raid) that each feature a particular costume.

There was some back and forth on the subject matter after ON1C’s initial assessment that the group was overpowered. One of the fans said, “It’s not overpowered if it’s doing precisely what it’s designed to accomplish.” The developers of MW2 are taking quite a risk by putting a potentially game-changing suit behind a paywall, even though the case may not be compelling.

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