Overwatch 2’s Accidental Buff for Roadhog: One-Shot Nerf

Roadhog received some significant nerfs and little bonuses in a patch designed to prevent him from one-shotting opponents with his hook combo, but some players have discovered that the hero may have received a buff.

The Roadhog nerf request from the Overwatch community went on for months. Being repeatedly one-shot has received overwhelmingly negative criticism from the community, which the Overwatch 2 developers intend to address even more in the future.

However, the nerfs arrived at last. He still has one shot with his combination, but it’s considerably more challenging to execute. Roadhog is substantially less effective when played in the manner he formerly was. Also, players are beginning to realize that the nerf to his combo had various unforeseen consequences, some of which gave high-level Hog players an advantage over their rivals.

Roadhog nerfs come with a surprise improvement

It’s crucial to consider how he was nerfed to comprehend how he might have been strengthened. The complete list of Roadhog’s nerfs and boosts can be found in the patch notes, but one element of his arsenal stands out: his hook.

Yes, the hook’s impact damage has dropped, and the shotgun blast’s pellet damage has also decreased. Those are indeed nerfed, but he also has a significant advantage, thanks to another small change to his hook. Players now arrive 4 meters in front of Roadhog after being seized instead of 3 meters earlier. This was done to increase the difficulty of players landing a close-range shotgun blast, which it has done, but it has also given players far more power to move foes about. Move them specifically off of the side of the map.

Even though Flats continuously hooked everyone he saw off the map in this game, pulling people off the edge of the map is still considerably more straightforward than it was before the nerf. Hog players can play a little further away from the edge than previously, thanks to that extra meter’s worth of distance, making it much easier to hurl enemies to their deaths.

Some players speculate that heroes who wouldn’t typically die from the hook on a map like Illios’ Well won’t have time to react to being flung off because of the hook’s ability to flip and aim slightly downward.

Hog is still somewhat weaker than previously, but what was intended to be a nerf instead improved him in a few particular circumstances.

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