Get Free In-Game Stuff by Watching League of Legends Esports: A Guide to Twitch Drops

Drops for in-game stuff can be obtained by watching League of Legends professional play, although the procedure is a little more involved than merely watching games. Here’s how to profit from drops while watching your preferred league.

Twitch drops are a technique many games use to reward viewers for viewing material related to their game. They reward devoted fans for backing their preferred professional leagues or forthcoming competitions. The use of drop-based strategies has dramatically increased the popularity of games like Overwatch.

However, drops for watching LoL Esports are trickier than regular Twitch drops. You must perform a few preliminary actions to fully benefit from reductions from watching LoL Esports competitions. In contrast to most other games, you cannot even receive drops simply by viewing the video on Twitch. While watching League of Legends esports, follow these instructions to get free stuff.

How to Get Drops While Watching LoL Esports

There is a way to get drops in exchange for watching your favorite League of Legends pro league and devoting the time to do so. Viewers can obtain a variety of emotes and icons, and it’s typical to receive temporary incentives based on significant occasions like MSI and Worlds.

But not everyone can obtain these drops. The only way to receive these drops is by viewing matches on the LoL Esports website, and you must first be watching on your Riot account. Slides are only available for the LCS at this time. You won’t get anything from watching other leagues.

Drops for the year began with the LCS, and other areas quickly followed. Riot has not yet provided a specific release date for these items, only that they will be available shortly.

In addition, rather than being completely random this time, drops are now focused on in-game goals and events. Pentakills have the highest chance of dropping. It is followed by objective steals and what is referred to as “other times” in their explainer.

There are many RNGs at play here, and it has been stated that you may go days without obtaining drops while other times getting multiple drops within a single broadcast. Everything relies on what transpires in the games that day and whether or not you’re fortunate enough to receive one.

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