Overwatch 2 Season 5 Update Targets Widowmaker and Hanzo: Changes to Infamous One-Shot Heroes

In the highly anticipated Season 5 update of Overwatch 2, developers have officially confirmed significant changes for two notorious heroes, Widowmaker and Hanzo. These snipers have long been the cause of frustration among players due to their ability to remove characters with just one shot. However, the upcoming update aims to address this issue by implementing adjustments to reduce their impact on the game.

Game Director Aaron Keller took to a blog post to reveal the upcoming changes and discuss how the development team plans to tackle the dominance of Widowmaker and Hanzo. The primary fair is to decrease the occurrence of one-shot kills while addressing certain map areas with “extreme sightlines.”

Overwatch 2 devs aim at Widowmaker and Hanzo

Keller shared specific alterations planned for Widowmaker. Her damage falloff range will be adjusted from 70-100 meters to 40-60 meters, and the falloff scalar will increase from 30% to 50%. While Widowmaker will still retain the ability to one-shot 200 health heroes within 50 meters, beyond that range, it will no longer result in an instant kill. In the case of Hanzo, he will no longer be capable of eliminating heroes with a 250 HP pool in a single shot. This change means that heroes like Reaper and Mei will receive a slight buff when engaging in combat against Hanzo. Additionally, the enemy team will find Sonic Arrow more distinguishable.

Leak Hanzo Overwatch

Keller concluded the discussion on snipers by stating that the development team will continue to evaluate their impact on the game’s balance and overall health in Overwatch 2’s future. This implies that game developers may introduce further adjustments and nerfs to ensure a fair and enjoyable gameplay experience. The community eagerly awaits the implementation of these changes in Season 5 and their potential effects on the game’s meta. With hopes of curbing the dominance of snipers, players anticipate a more diverse and dynamic gameplay experience. Time will tell how these alterations will reshape the landscape of Overwatch 2 and its competitive scene.

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