Joy in Rural Gaming: Pokemon Go Player Celebrates New PokeStop Next to Home

A Pokemon Go user living in the country was overjoyed when Niantic accepted their request for a Pokestop to be placed directly next to their home. Since the release of Pokemon Go in 2016, gamers living in more remote areas of the world have voiced their dissatisfaction with the scarcity of PokeStops and gyms with which to compete.

Players can suggest particular locations for consideration as possible PokeStops; however, if those locations do not adhere to Niantic’s requirements, it is doubtful that they will be included in the game. On the other hand, the Reddit user galarianzapdos was overjoyed to learn that Niantic had granted permission for a PokeStop to be built immediately next to their residence.

Players in rural areas of Pokemon Go will have a PokeStop right next to their homes

The user revealed their strategy for obtaining new ways to play the game in a post they made on the Pokemon Go subreddit. The person explained that they had been voting for different stations in and around their location.

On the other hand, the most recent one is located directly next to their home. They said, “I proposed a Pokestop in my neighborhood, and it was accepted!” This rural player has recently moved into a Pokestop!” “I live in an extremely rural area, and I’ve been suggesting different stops for the past year. All of the ones you see in the picture were made by yours truly. I cannot contain my enthusiasm!”

Others were ready to voice their thoughts on the player’s accomplishments after they found out about them in the comments section. “Congratulations! I’ve tried so many goddamn times to acquire one of these. But you, being a rural player, deserve it more than anyone else, lol,” one user commented in response. Another supporter chimed in, “Congratulations!! I am overjoyed for you and can only imagine the positive impact it will have!

We would want to hear more about these kinds of tales! “Congratulations on winning the in-house stop,” remarked a third trainer. This comes only a day after a Pokemon Go player used a Daily Adventure Incense and caught only one but two Galarian Birds.

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