Counter-Strike 2 Adopts Valorant-inspired Changes for Improved Gameplay Experience

Valve has recently announced a series of significant quality-of-life updates for Counter-Strike 2, drawing inspiration from its rival tactical FPS game, Valorant. These changes aim to enhance the gameplay experience by incorporating design elements similar to Valorant’s. Counter-Strike 2 has become one of the most highly expected games 2023, surprising many with its unexpected announcement despite earlier rumors and leaks suggesting its development. Valve has been process and polishing the closed beta based on user feedback as the game gears up for its public release.

One notable change comes in the form of an updated buy menu, which resembles Valorant’s buy screen. A loadout system has also been introduced, limiting the number of weapons players can buy in each match. Considering the extensive history of the Counter-Strike series, it is unsurprising to see its influence on other titles within and beyond the tactical FPS genre. Valorant, in particular, stands as Counter-Strike 2’s enemy, with each game embodying distinct design ideas while sharing similar shooting mechanics.

Valorant Like Feature Update in Counter-Strike 2

The new buy screen in Counter-Strike 2 adopts a layout that closely resembles Valorant’s in terms of form and function. The game creators have replaced the previous wheel-like UI structure of CS:GO and now players can refund buys—an ability Valorant players have enjoyed for years.

However, while the new layout presents everything in a more accessible manner, it limits the number of weapons shown at once compared to the previous sub-menu system offered by the wheel. Players must also create a loadout and select a narrower set of weapons to carry into each match. This may reduce options temporarily, but it could provide greater flexibility in the long run. While Counter-Strike 2 offers a smaller selection of weapons overall compared to CS:GO, the developers have lifted restrictions on firearms occupying the same slot. For instance, players can now simultaneously equip the M4A1-S and M4A4 rifles and the R8 Revolver and Desert Eagle pistols.

The response from players has been positive, with many expressing satisfaction more with their ideal loadouts. As Counter-Strike 2 continues its development journey toward launch, fans and new gamers, eagerly await further updates. The effort changes thus far have been well-received, catering to the expectations of series experts and those looking to join the Counter-Strike franchise for the first time.

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