NRG Sweet’s Departure from Apex Legends Ranked: A Combination of Physical and Emotional Factors

Sweet is one of the most well-known names in all of Apex Legends, and the formerly number-one-ranked Predator player has revealed the specific reasons why he no longer participates in the game’s Ranked mode.

On the ALGS scene, very few names are more well-known than Sweet. Because he is one of the most knowledgeable gamers in the world, the NRG IGL has established a name for himself in the scene, and in some ways, he has done so by imparting this information to the rest of the community.

That is not to say that his extraordinary skill should be discounted in any way. When I was younger, it wasn’t unusual to see Sweet utterly annihilating the Ranked ladder. He has moved on from it after being questioned about his choice, but he once admitted that a combination of physical and emotional factors prompted him to mostly reject it.

NRG Sweet outlines the reasons behind his departure from Apex Legends Ranked

As he mentioned in the conversation on his Twitch channel, he experiences agony whenever he attempts to play Ranked after having spent so many seasons grinding it.

There’s a haze in front of my eyes, and it feels like someone is pressing on my brain inside my skull. Is that an extreme case of boredom? He inquired. “It feels like a response to playing Ranked Match…if I die in Game two of a match, my body starts to shut down,” said the player. “It is like a chemical response to playing Ranked.”

Additionally, Sweet stressed that the issue only lasts for public matches or even the Firing Range, and he stated that he still enjoys playing Apex in a competitive setting.

He summarized the situation by saying, “I believe it’s simply too many seasons of it not being f***ing rewarding.” “I’ve just reached the point where I can’t find the fun in it anymore unless they change the ranking system back,” the player said. “I’ve just reached the point where I can’t find the pleasure in it.”

There are no indications that the developers would roll back the alterations made to the playlist in Season 13 as part of the Ranked Reloaded update. Still, Sweet is one of many players who despises the most recent iteration of the playlist.

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