Overwatch 2 Players Outraged Over Price of Cardboard Reinhardt Skin Amidst Controversy Surrounding PvE Dispute

The new cardboard Reinhardt skin has escalated the PvE dispute in Overwatch 2. Many players are upset about the cosmetic’s price, especially in light of recent reports regarding plans to end PvE. Recently, the discussion surrounding Overwatch 2 has been mainly around the cancellation of PvE. After a lengthy wait, Overwatch players were shocked and saddened when Blizzard announced that the PvE Hero missions would no longer be available, among other things related to the upcoming release.

As a result, devoted supporters have charged the business with lying about PvE plans and stated that they are “sick of fake apologies.” This brings us to a brand-new cardboard Reinhardt skin in the video game. Although some players have complimented the cosmetic’s distinctive sound and appearance, there has also been some solid backlash for PvE.

Players of Overwatch 2 are incensed by the cardboard Reinhardt skin

Following the PvE backlash, a few posts on the Overwatch 2 subreddit have infuriated players even more. They both display the brand-new Reinhardt cardboard box skin, which features the enormous Tank figure encased in cardboard boxes.

When moving about in the skin, its appearance and the additional detail of cardboard-like sound effects received some positive feedback. However, more users focused on the fact that this was the focus of Blizzard’s resources rather than PvE. One irate player remarked, “So this is what they were using all that time for instead of making PVE.” And another added, “Why put out the standard $20 game expansion DLC when we can convince people to pay that full price for one skin!”

Players are agitated by more than just the notion of the labor force needed to generate this, though. Another Reddit thread has some concerns about the costume’s price tag. “This is just another blizzard-related ploy to steal your hard-earned money. One commenter asserted: “Overwatch 2 was a scam from the get-go, and another added: “$20 for a piece of digital cardboard. Blizzard is making fun of us.

Whatever your opinion of the skin, the vast majority of comments on both threads almost unanimously express disdain for the price and timing of its release, considering the PvE controversy. However, the community’s rage has not merely been directed at Reinhardt. The fact that a Mercy skin is advertised in the shop has also led to players discovering that it is more expensive.

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