Destiny 2 Unveils PlayStation-Inspired Outfits as New Universal Ornaments in Season of the Deep Expansion

Bungie, the company that developed Destiny 2, has unveiled entirely new clothes for the game’s Guardians. These new outfits take design cues from various PlayStation games, such as God of War, Ghost of Tsushima, and Horizon. The highly successful looter shooter from Bungie has now entered its next Season. Destiny 2’s newest expansion, Season of the Deep, has an all-new tale titled “The Deep,” which sees the return of Titan and Deputy Commander Sloane. In addition to this, we also have access to the brand-new 6-player seasonal activity known appropriately as Salvage.

In addition, one modification likely to receive less attention than others is the upgrade to the Eververse store. That would be the paid cosmetic shop for Destiny 2 players. On the other hand, The Eververse receives seasonal promotions alongside the rest of the game, enabling Guardians to stay current with the most recent developments in the fashion world. Fans of Destiny 2 got a special gift with the release of the Season of the Deep expansion in the form of fantastic-looking universal ornaments. The Guardians have decked out in some recognizable garb thanks to these decorations, all designed with inspiration from previous PlayStation games.

New universal ornaments that take inspiration from PlayStation games can be found in Destiny 2

Destiny announced on Twitter and showcased the new loot that Guardians will have access to in Season of the Deep. In addition, Warlocks now have samurai attire inspired by Jin Sakai. While Titans now wear the armor that Kratos wore in God of War. Hunters also wear clothing that was designed after Aloy.

These sets of universal ornaments are currently stocked and available for purchase in the Eververse store. At this time, each class costs 2000 Silver, which is equivalent to approximately 20 USD. In addition, Destiny has also published a number of finishers to coincide with the cooperation, with the finishers drawing inspiration from both games. You can get one of them for 1000 Silver, equivalent to about 10 USD, or the bundle for 2700 Silver.

Unfortunately for PlayStation fans, these fantastic clothes will not be available only through that platform. This means that sure ornaments will be available for collection across all platforms. With Sony’s recent acquisition of Bungie, this partnership may be only the beginning for the two firms. However, only time will tell if other cosmetics based on PlayStation games make their way into the universe of Destiny 2 in the future.

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