Fortnite to Return to iOS in 2023 After Two-Year Hiatus Caused by Legal Dispute with Apple

After two years of being absent from the App Store due to legal issues with Apple, it looks like Fortnite may finally be returning to iOS devices in 2023. Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney hinted at the Battle Royale’s comeback on Twitter, with a follow-up image suggesting a return to Apple devices this calendar year.

After years of legal wrangling, it appears that Fortnite will finally make a comeback on iOS devices in 2023, according to the CEO of Epic Games. At least formally, Fortnite hasn’t been available on the App Store for the previous two years. The immensely popular Battle Royale game has generally been restricted on iOS devices as a result of Epic’s legal spat with Apple, despite a few workarounds that have come and gone.

At first, Epic Games broke Apple’s rules by replacing App Store purchases with their own shop that was integrated directly into Fortnite. When Apple removed the game from its platform in response, the renowned game publisher filed a lawsuit, which they ultimately lost.

Two years later, despite Epic’s warning that Fortnite might not be back for another five, it seems things are moving much more quickly than anticipated. Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic, hinted in a cryptic way that Fortnite would return to iOS at some point in 2023.

“Coming soon on iOS! Just hours before 2023 became a reality, Sweeney posted on Twitter. Although the original article itself obviously doesn’t specifically mention Fortnite, a subsequent photograph of the BR’s in-game new year’s celebration is fairly suggestive. Since the year has barely began, it’s impossible to predict with certainty when players will be able to play Fortnite on Apple devices. Even still, it seems that the game’s comeback to iOS is still planned for this year.

Fortnite’s return to iOS in 2023 is certain to make a significant splash given the historic nature of the legal dispute between the two tech giants and all the in-game stuff that went along with it. As more information becomes available, we’ll make sure to keep you updated here.

While the exact timing of Fortnite’s return to iOS is unknown, fans can expect a big splash when it does happen given the historic scope of the legal battle between Epic Games and Apple. Stay tuned for more updates as details emerge.

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