No Live Audience for Call of Duty League Major IV After Change in Host City, Disappointing Fans

Fans are dissatisfied that Major IV of the Call of Duty League will not have a live audience because the location of the host city has been changed. A separate CDL major tournament is hosted in a different city or state each year by a different one of the league’s teams. Subsequent events, Major II and Major III were hosted by the Boston Breach and OpTic Texas. Major II was held in Boston, and Major III is scheduled in Arlington.

The Major IV competition was also intended to be hosted by a group. It had been planned that the New York Dubliners would host it this time; however, the team revealed in late 2022 that they would not be hosting it anymore due to scheduling conflicts.

CDL Major IV in Columbus, Ohio Goes Online-Only, Fans React Adversely

It was revealed via a tweet posted by the CDL that the Major IV competition will occur in Columbus, Ohio, between April 20 and April 23. In addition to the move to a new location, the Call of Duty League has stated that the Major will not have a live audience. Fans can only watch the vast event online via broadcasts, and this will be their only option.

Many that follow the CDL have reacted adversely to the most recent news due to this latest update—especially those who support the New York Subliners. In response, the Creative Director at NYXL, who also happens to be the proprietor of the Subliners, Lucero, responded, ” We get it. We are going to be holding a small event here. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Tucker, the content developer for NYSL, responded sarcastically by saying, “Cheers to your son’s sobbing.” “Well played,” Many other people have ridiculed the decision to set the event in Ohio. Some people are making fun of Ohio because it has become a popular meme, while others are criticizing the town for being an unusual choice because it does not have a Professional team representing it.

Currently, there won’t be any spectators for the Major IV tournament, but the following Major V, which the Toronto Ultra will host, will have spectators, as verified by a tweet from the CDL. The forthcoming Major III is now accepting competitors for its qualifying round. If you are interested in reading more about it, go to our gaming section.

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