MkLeo, the Smash Ultimate GOAT, Becomes a Free Agent After Successful Run with T1

After three years with Team 1 and many tournament achievements, Leonardo ‘MkLeo’ Lopez Perez has decided to explore the free agent market. Also, MkLeo signed with T1 officially in February of 2020, exactly one year after he and his team, Echo Fox, won the first and only E.V.O. championship for Smash Ultimate.

During his tenure with T1, MkLeo was victorious in many competitions, including the Smash World Tour, Genesis 8 & 9, the Ludwig Smash Invitational, and many others. On February 23, T1 made a sad and surprising announcement. He said that the organization would be saying goodbye to Leo and referred to him as the GOAT.

They announced it by saying, “Today we say goodbye to the Smash G.O.A.T. MkLeo.” “During the past few years, Leo has been responsible for bringing T1 fans great excitement and many championships. We hope that Leo has a fantastic time on his next excursion!” Also, He will continue to be a member of the T1 family forever.

After the shocking news that he was becoming a free agent, MkLeo updated his followers

MkLeo updated supporters with additional information shortly after T1 made their statement and is currently searching for a new organization to call his own. “It has been a privilege to be a part of this wonderful family; nevertheless, as we all know, nothing lasts forever. I wish T1 and every staff member the very best!” I am no longer bound to any organization.

In addition, the sudden announcement of free agency caused shockwaves across the Smash landscape, with many players anticipating that the Joker and Byleth central would immediately find a new squad. “You’re going to find a new place to live in no time, goat! I hope everything works out for you,” Mario major Kurama wrote.

“Number 1 player unchallenged for the whole game’s history, and now he does not have a sponsor but is a free agent. This is quite an accomplishment. Someone other observed that it was “kind of nuts when you think about it.”

Collision 2023 will be MkLeo’s next competition, taking place on March 10, and it will be followed by Smash Ultimate Summit 6, to which he was accepted a couple of weeks later. Only time will tell if the Smash prodigy will have signed with an organization by then or if he will continue to hold out for a while as his fellow Mexico Ultimate star Sparg0 did before signing with FaZe.

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