NICKMERCS Praises Warzone 2 Ranked Play, Believes It Could Have Altered the Franchise’s Course

NICKMERCS commended Warzone 2 Ranked Play’s approach but emphasized how, had it debuted sooner, the mode might have changed the franchise’s course. Ranks for Warzone 2 When Season 3 Reloaded’s Play game mode first debuted, the community gave it favorable reviews. However, the number of active participants remained the same due to an excellent initial impression.

The peak player counts for Warzone 2 in May was just over 104,000. The top audience for the battle royale sequel at its debut was over 488,000. Even while these statistics only pertain to Steam and not to other platforms, they nonetheless offer a glimmer of an enormous issue. If Ranked Play had been included earlier in Warzone 2, NICKMERCS feels the battle royale game would have gained more excellent traction and success.

Why Ranked Play was necessary for Warzone Earlier

NICKMERCS asserted that Warzone “can’t survive” without a ranked mode in October 2021. He mentioned how other content producers left other games to play Apex Legends because it offered an organized way. Ironically, The Leader of the MFAM Army would ultimately switch to Apex Legends from Warzone.

If Ranked Play existed during WZ1, a stream chatter joked that Nick wouldn’t have even become a professional Apex player. Nick currently focuses primarily on Apex, although he returned to Warzone 2 to introduce Ranked Play and found it enjoyable. NICKMERCS discussed the mode’s powerful format after getting up to Crimson. “The ranking system is excellent. The fact that I enjoy a challenge makes me hope they don’t simplify it.

Nick pondered what it could have been like if the same game option had been introduced in Warzone 1 after discovering Warzone 2’s addictive Ranked Play system. I keep thinking about it, but what if Warzone 1 had a ranked mode? Verdansk would have experienced this s**t differently. As it stands, it is hitting differently, and I am using the new one. The popularity of Warzone during its height, according to Nick, would have made it impossible for him to switch to another game. If Activision had published Warzone 2 Ranked Play sooner, the franchise’s fortunes might have changed significantly after seeing how much fun NICKMERCS is having with it.

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