Accessibility Restrictions: Overwatch 2 Pride Content Limited in Certain Countries

The impending Pride content for Overwatch 2 will not be accessible to users in some countries, and players in other nations can opt out of participating in the event. The Overwatch 2 universe will soon celebrate its first Pride with a limited-time event, including redesigned maps, new cosmetics, and other exciting additions.

But even though the Overwatch 2 team is rather pleased with the event that they concocted, not everyone will be able to access the material once it goes live—and there’s an excellent explanation for this. The developers of Overwatch 2 discussed the measures they would use in an interview to prevent players from countries with anti-LGBT laws from taking part in the Pride event that will take place on June 1.

Certain nations have prohibited access to the Overwatch 2 Pride event

According to Senior Game Producer Brandy Stiles, all of the information related to Pride in Overwatch 2 will be “opt-in,” giving players the choice of whether they want to express themselves. “We have tech in place to limit this content from going out to countries that have laws that aren’t tolerant of LGBT content,” she added. “And we have tech in place to limit this content from going out to countries.” “We are better able to safeguard those players due to this.”

Because of the rules that are in place in such countries, gamers from those nations won’t even be allowed to choose to participate in the Pride event if they want to. The legal system does not tolerate such content in those nations. “Our values are to protect players,” Aaron Keller stated further. “We want to ensure the safety of players located all over the world. It is possible to get in trouble for wearing a cosmetic in one country if you travel to a different location with different rules. Therefore, it is our job to protect persons like that and comply with the laws of the nations where we conduct business.

As of when this article was written, the developers have yet to publish a list of the nations where restricted content access will be denied. Gamer looking forward to celebrating Pride in the OW2 universe will soon be able to do so when the event begins on June 1.

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