Bullet Velocity Woes: Warzone 2 Players Feel the Impact of Explosive Ammunition Nerf

Due to a significant decrease in the bullet velocity of explosive ammunition in Season 3 Reloaded, one-shot sniping in Warzone 2 was severely hampered. As part of the Season 3 Reloaded update, Infinity Ward reduced the sniper rifle explosive ammunition’s bullet velocity. TheXclusiveAce personally tested each weapon nerf because the creators didn’t supply precise figures.

He found that the FJX Imperium’s bullet velocity dropped from 468 meters per second to 355, or around a 25% reduction. Every sniper gun in the game received this reduction. Some community members complained that the Nerf made using snipers in Season 3 Reloaded too challenging because you require explosive ammunition to make a one-shot sniper adversary.

Is Warzone 2’s one-shot sniping still effective?

If the bullet velocity is slower, hitting farther away foes will be more challenging because the bullet will drop faster. Bullet velocity is the rate at which the barrel exits the weapon.

On a long-range weapon like a sniper rifle, a 25% reduction in bullet velocity is considerably more apparent than on a close-range weapon like an SMG, and the slower projectile speed has made it much more challenging for players to hit moving targets. Additionally, a WZ2 user shared a video of an MCPR-300 trying to hit an enemy on Reddit despite the crosshair appearing to be precisely aligned with their head.

The bullet drop is terrible, and to top it off, hits don’t register frequently, and headshots are the only type of shot that can kill in one go. I stopped using it and began utilizing high-velocity ammunition. Players have started switching out their ammo types to discover something that can substitute explosive rounds and give them the much-desired one-shot potential without bullet velocity limitations. Incendiary ammunition already reduces bullet velocity by a whopping 40%.

However, some people in the community need to prepare to adapt. “High velocity has the drawback of making plays difficult. For ranked play, a headshot is too crucial. Players still need to agree on a replacement. However, following the most recent Nerf, the Warzone 2 community collectively criticized explosive ammunition.

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