NICKMERCS Calls for LAN Tournaments to Combat Warzone Cheaters and Strange Behavior

Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff, a prominent figure in the world of streaming, has requested that Call of Duty host a few Warzone 2 LAN competitions to weed out players who cheat and engage in “strange” conduct. Warzone has yet to match the success of its competitors, even if other battle royale games have become popular and have regular competitive tournaments.

Throughout the past few years, members of the Call of Duty community and the game developers have hosted several tournaments. Still, there is not a legitimate league like there is for the other games. In the case of Warzone 2, even though it has been available for purchase for a few months, there haven’t been a lot of noteworthy occurrences. NICKMERCS is taken aback by this information, as he has been looking forward to more Warzone events being held, particularly those that can reveal anyone who is cheating and their “strange” behavior.

NICKMERCS wants there to be more Warzone 2 tournaments so that “strange” cheaters can be found out

It was something that the FaZe Clan star brought up in his video that was released on February 22. He stated that he was “startled” by the lack of in-person competitions for Warzone 2 and that it surprised him.

“I’m surprised that Call of Duty didn’t create several events in person or tournaments for a battle royale. They may time it to coincide with the CDL, as they enjoy holding live battle royale competitions. Nick expressed his disappointment that the event wasn’t restricted to those who had been invited. “I’m surprised they didn’t make it invite-only as I suggested,” he added.

“Are there too many liars? You play it on a local area network (LAN), where they cannot cheat. I agree with you that it is not possible to accomplish this online. There are just too many dishonest individuals and oddballs in this world. There is a lot of content surrounding it, such as famous people being accused of cheating, people thinking they are cheating, and you are finding out very quickly if they are telling the truth. That could work, but I don’t recommend engaging in competitive online play with this game because it stinks.

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NICKMERCS also mentioned that there should be more in-person events because of the “strange” conduct observed in the community since this would eliminate a significant portion of the problem. Even the World Series of Warzone, the most significant Warzone event to date, was played online. Therefore it is still being determined whether there are any intentions to bring it to a local area network.

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