Niantic’s Campfire App Draws Criticism for Flagging Pokemon Go Players’ Raid Planning Discussions

While Pokemon Go players converse with one another to plan raids, Niantic’s Campfire software reports their comments as violating the community guidelines. Since its release, Niantic’s Campfire app has served as a hub for Pokemon Go players to connect with other nearby players to take down the most recent Raid Boss.

Although customers are still receiving it, there is a problem with the app’s auto-moderation. Reddit PoGo trainers report that Campfire is flagging remarks like “We’re walking over now” since they might “violate community guidelines.”

Fans of Pokemon Go claim that Campfire is blocking their messages

User lusankya_very_much shared a screenshot of their Campfire message and the app’s warning in a post on the Pokemon Go subreddit. They remarked, “They want us to use Niantic’s app for setting up local play so desperately that… what?” The words “We’re walking over now” and a notice from Niantic warning that it might “violate community guidelines” can also be seen in the images. The review message has recently caused problems for other users, one of whom nearly missed a raid. As a result, more than just the OP.

“Yeah, that irritated me. When I texted “On my way,” the same thing transpired. I was walking and almost missed a raid,” one person stated. Another responded, saying, “Our town roasted those messages this weekend. It was hilarious to see “4 here” and “ETA” getting noted.

A third player said, “The greatest part is you can still read it, so it’s just a meaningless annoyance, and worse if they genuinely are assigning a bot or, god forbid, a normal person to check out all these cunning, horrible things like, “here” and “on my way.” As of this writing, Niantic has yet to respond to the problems, but if they do in the future, we’ll let you know. Visit our Pokemon Go site for more information and other trending articles in the interim.

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