Controversy Arises as Sims 4 Developers Set to Eliminate Friendship-Boosting Photo Bug

Fans are unhappy that Sims 4 developers intend to fix a photo bug known to increase friendship. Usually, Sims spend a lot of time engaging and speaking with other characters to develop their in-game friendships. Although it sounds straightforward, creating an extensive network of connections can be time-consuming.

This is where a Sims 4 video game exploit comes in handy by substantially boosting friendship gain. Introduce yourself to the Sim you want to become friends with, then take a picture of them. After a few images, two Sims who had never met can become close friends. However, Sims 4 creators just disclosed that the hack would soon be eliminated in a series of patch notes.

Developers of The Sims 4 will soon fix a famous photo bug

The most recent Laundry List, or patch notes, for The Sims 4 detail several improvements that should take effect soon. The development team stated in the article that it is looking into the issues that will be addressed in this month’s release. One issue that the team will tackle is the claim that “taking [a] photo causes dramatic relationship/reputation gain.” Fans don’t seem overly excited by this revelation, judging by their comments on Twitter, Reddit, and a Sims Community thread.

One Reddit user said, “Literally, why do they do this??? Since you don’t HAVE to do it and taking it away doesn’t help anyone, it wasn’t negatively impacting gameplay. Please do NOT fix the photography causing friendships to explode. A fan tweeted in response to the patch notes. I adore that peculiarity.

Other players are left to ponder why creators don’t focus on other areas. “With all the bugs in the game, why would this ever be a priority?” Similar thoughts were expressed by another player, who said, “I don’t understand with everything wrong in the game… they decided to focus on one of the few perks [benefiting] friendship.” When the next update goes live is yet to be discovered. Therefore, individuals who wish to exploit the photo bug in The Sims 4 should do it as quickly as feasible.

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